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First Costume Jewelry Page 

Antique Vintage Gemstone Fine Jewelry Trinket Boxes Handbags At Jabber Also Gold Silver Ring Holders Toe Rings Ankle Bracelets Chains Necklaces Pendants Diamond White Gold Yellow Gold Silver Costume Jewelry Travel Cases In Saint Louis MO. Jabberjewelry.com In Saint Louis Missouri is home of unique and one of a kind items,  Such as Men's & Women's Jewelry Purses Pearls New & Used Items Accessories & More In Our Jewelry Store!

Jabberjewelry.com Silver Plated Perfume Bottle Charm Pendant

Silver Plated Perfume Bottle Pendant Charm

Jabberjewelry.com has this Charm that Holds real perfume perfume of your choice you fill it brand new in unopened package, rubber ring glass bottle silver lated on cap to prevent leakage measures 31mm long by 10mm wide by 8mm thick, screw in top very unique item. Item #11153  Price $4.00 Shipping $6.00.  Jabberjewelry.com


Jabberjewelry.com Pink Crystals Purse Pin

   Jabberjewelry Pink Crystals Purse Pin

Jabberjewelry.com has this unique pin it has lots of pink crystals all over this white gold tone base metal locking clasp twisted style strap with two more pink crystals at top to serve as openers for the purse, measures 1" tall by 3/4" wide by 1/4" at its thickest point including pin.  Item # 11131  Price $6.00 Shipping $5.00. Jabberjewelry.com





Jabberjewelry.com High Heel Shoe Pendant

Large High Heel Pendant Swarovski Crystals

Jabberjewelry.com has this beautiful white gold tone base metal, Swarovski crystals in this high heel pendant, measures 1" long by 6/16 of an inch wide covered in Swarovski crystals, stands 9/16 of an inch tall, base metal, weight 6 grams.  Swarovski crystals all the way around strap, very unique. Item # 11130.  Price $24.00 shipping $6.00.   jabberjewelry.com





Large High Heel Pendant Swarovski Crystals

Jabberjewelry.com Signature BEST Multi Color Silver Tone Pendant

Signature Best Large Multi Color Pendant

Jabberjewelry.com has this large pendant is a signature piece, signature is on the back bottom, the name is Best, stamped on back, silver tone base metal, large opening on the bail, it has multi colors in this pendant and cabbuchon style settings, very well made, very large, measures 2 3/4 inches long, 1 3/4 inches wide, by 1/4 inch thick, silver beaded style between all the colors, quite a lovely pendant. this item is new, shipping on this item is $6.00, Item price $22.00 Item # 11110.  Jabberjewelry.com



Jabberjewelry.com Vintage Long Faux Pearls Necklace

Vintage Long Faux White Pearls Necklace

Jabberjewelry.com has this vintage 70" long 10mm round pearls spring ring gold tone base metal clasp, can ware long or double or even triple them around your neck very white and shinny. Item #11135 Price $8.00 Shipping $6.00  Jabberjewelry.com



Vintage Long Faux White Pearls

Jabberjewelry.com Vintage Fancy Necklace

Vintage Fancy Necklace

Jabberjewelry.com has this vintage well made heavy gold tone base metal fancy necklace from the past.  like new condition, flowers and colorful cubic zirconia stones and enamel blue leaves and pinkish purpleish and white rose in the center The cubic zirconia stones are redish pinkish orange and sky blue too measures 15" long spring ring clasp 7 cubic zarconia stones in total, center piece measures 1 1/2" by 2".  Item # 11136  Price $9.00  Shipping $6.00  Jabberjewelry.com 





Jabberjewelry.com Vintage Monet Scotty Dog Pin

Vintage Monet Scotty Dog Pin

Jabberjewelry.com has this vintage monet scotty dog pin measures 1 1/2" long by 1 1/4" tall by 1/4" thick gold tone over base metal cubic zirconia stones all over this pin black bow & eye locking clasp. Item # 11165  Price $8.00  Shipping $6.00. Jabberjeweley.com




Jabberjewelry.com Vintage Fancy Lady Pin

Vintage Fancy Lady Pin

Jabberjewelry.com has this vintage fancy lady pin is in excellent condition, she is wearing fur around her neck and a black and gold hat made from material with red and white puff on top she has red lipstick and red eyes plastic face and a red flower on hat, locking clasp in back base metal,  measures 2 1/2" long by 2" wide by 1/2" thick.  Item # 11166 Price $9.00 Shipping $6.00.  Jabberjewelry.com






Jabberjewelry.com Newer Genuine Garnet & Emerald Bracelet

Newer Genuine Garnet & Emerald Bracelet

Jabberjewelry.com has this beautiful vintage like new genuine garnets and emeralds set in base metal white gold finish locking clasp 7 1/2" long 1"at its widest point 3/4" smallest point not including clasp center largest piece 2 1/4" long then 6 other pieces make up this beautiful genuine faceted stones emeralds measure 2 1/2 mm each 62 of them 28 garnets measure 7 mm x 5 mm each weight of bracelet 32 grams. Item #11180  Price $65.00  Shipping 6.00.  Jabberjewelry.com




Jabberjewelry.com Peridot Eternity Band Ring 8

Peridot Eternity Band 8

Jabberjewelry.com has this very lovely size 8 and can not be resized since it is base metal with a silver finish over it, has 9 oval peridots in this beautiful ring the peridot are lab created stones and measure 7mm x 5mm each weight 2 ozs.  Item # 11190  Price $9.00  Shipping $6.00.  Jabberjewelry.com




Jabberjewelry.com Large Multi Multistone Pendant

Large Multi Gemstone Pendant

Jabberjewelry.com has this Multi stones in this base metal white gold finish lab created gemstones, peridot, citrine, amethyst, pink topaz, blue topaz, round, emerald cut, marquise cut, oval cut, measures  1 1/4 inch tall to top of bail by 1 2/16 of an inch wide by 4mm thick in excellent condition gemstones look real.  Item # 11191 Price $16.00  Ship $6.00.








Jabberjewelry.com Large Starfish & Seahorse CZ Crystal Earrings

Large Starfish & Seahorse CZ Crystal Earrings

Jabberjewelry.com has this vintage and unique never worn CZ  crystals cover these beautiful earrings post style, white coating over base metal  too many crystals to count measure seahorse 1 1/2 inches long by 3/4 inch wide, starfish is 1 inch round. Item # 11192 Price $6.00  Shipping $6.00.  Jabberjewelry.com



Jabberjewelry New Ruby Gemstone Bracelet

New Ruby Gemstone Bracelet

Jabberjewelry.com has this lovely lab created rubies and faux diamond brushed nickel finish made of base metal has double locking clasp and slide in lock7 1/2 inches long each ruby is 6mm x 4mm each along side each ruby is a faux diamond 2 mm each one on each side 12 faux diamonds total 6 sets down bracelet all linked separately.  Item # 11120  Price $ 15.00  Shipping 6.00.  Jabberjewelry.com




Jabberjewelry.com Signature You & I Shell & Bead Multi Color Necklace

Signature You & I Shell & Bead Multi Colors Necklace

Jabberjewelry.com has this really unique signature you and i shell and bead multi colors silver tone chain necklace very shinny shells and beads 3 strands come into one really nice necklace weight 29 grams to many shells and beads to count but its 18" long with a 2" extension chain attatched comes to 20 inches long this would make a great gift.  Item #11330  Price $22.00  Shipping $6.00. Jabberjewelry.com




Jabberjewelry.com Vintage Mood Butterfly Pendant & Necklace

Vintage Mood Butterfly Pendant & Necklace

Jabberjewelry.com has this Unique Vintage color changing mood butterfly pendant is white gold finished over base metal has a color changing paint on its top that changes color with your mood how cool comes with 20" long adjustable chain butterfly measures 19 x 26 x 3 mm to top of bail 26 mm lobster claw clasp comes with original mood card tells which color is which mood 7 colors weight 7 grams chain link chain.  Item # 11359  Price $12.00  Shipping $6.00.  Jabberjewelry.com



Jabberjewelry.com Large White Gold Finished Slipper Pendant

Large White Gold Finished Slipper Pendant

Jabberjewelry.com has this beautiful white gold finished base metal pendant is designed like a high heel or slipper has two straps with a cz stone in each strap movable bail bail opening 4 x 3 mm weight 5 grams measures 16 x 10 x 5 mm high polished shine.  Item # 11370  Price $12.00  Shipping $6.00. Jabberjewelry.com



Jabberjewelry.com Large Mona Silver Red Ribbon Pin

Large Mona Silver Red Ribbon Pin

Jabberjewelry.com has this beautiful vintage large Mona stamped on back of pinsilver and red ribbon CZ stones 58 stones total this thing shines three large circles in center look like 3 large diamonds has 7 CZ stones in each circle locking pin in back heart design at top of ribbon on both sides would make a great gift measures 1 1/2' x 1 1/2' x 1/2' 3D ribbon pin.  Item # 11382  Price $8.00 Shipping $6.50. Jabberjewelry.com



Silver Tone Leaf Style Bracelet

Jabberjewelry.com has this unique leaf style bracelet is silver tone base metal lobster claw clasp stamped s a in a heart and end cap stamped peru measures 7 1/2 inches long by 5/16 of an inch wide very flex able each link separate from the other lovely piece.  Item # 11383  Price $8.00  Shipping $6.00.  Jabberjewelry.com




Jabberjewelry.com Silver Tone Leaf Style Bracelet

Jabberjewelry.com Large 3D Safari Bere'bl Cat Earrings

Large 3D Safari Bere'bl Cat Earrings

Jabberjewelry.com has this purple and blue enamel vintage silver tone base metal very shinny and sparkle hook earrings surgical steel posts 3D safari on original tag bere'bl stamp on back side head of cat seperate from body so it dangles by itself too measure 2 1/4" top to bottom and 3/4" wide and 1/4" thick item in excellent condition.  Item # 11384  Price $9.00  Shipping $6.00.  Jabberjewelry.com




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